Fantasia Festival 2021 & No Man of God (2021) | Hourglass Cinema #6


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Welcome to Hourglass Cinema; a variety show from Victims and Villains. On this episode we're looking at a few films from this year's Fantasia Festival: Alien on Stage (1:02), The Last thing Mary Saw (8:30), The Tombs of the Blind Dead (15:04), Don't Say Its Name (23:08), Sexy Furby (31:43), The Booth (36:48), Hotel Poseidon (39:35), Baby Money (44:09), Martyrs Lane (46:25), & Mad God (53:00). Plus, we're looking at the Ted Bundy biopic, No Man of God (01:03:39). No Man of God opens in select theaters and is available on demand and digital beginning August 27th, 2021. Check out our full coverage of Fantasia Festival here:
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