Love's Passion: An Audio Drama | Victims and Villains #402


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In this riveting second chapter of Matthew A. Basile's Fear saga, the emotion selfishness may have put all of existence at risk. The emotion Fear may be the only one who can save the day. If you missed the first chapter, check it out here: The cast features Gabe Castro as Love, Valarie Stack Dodge as Luna, Cam Smith as Fear, Steve Szczytko as Pleasure, Kirk Corley as Doubt, Logan Shirley as Selfishness, Justin Moe as Solis, Jessica Apeldorn as Curiousity, Heather Moe as Terra, Kat Kushin as Sorrow, Doug Seidel as Narrator.
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This episode of Victims and Villains and is written by Matthew A. Basile. It is produced and edited by Kat Kushin. Music by Kat Kushin and Purple Planet ( You can now support us on Patreon. Help us get mental health resources into schools and get exclusive content at the same time. Click here ( to support us today!

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