Movies Are Therapy | Victims and Villains #429


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Chris from Streaming Things & Movies are Therapy ( joins us to discuss his love of film, podcasting and the Netflix series, Stranger Things. Even more than that, Chris vulnerably shares his struggle with alcohol and substance abuse over the years. More importantly, he chronicles his road to sobriety and what the last decade of staying clean has meant for him as an individual, creator and husband. Join us on this heartbreaking and inspiring story of Chris’ road to getting and staying clean.
If you or someone you know is reading this right now and struggling with suicide, depression, addiction, or self-harm - please reach out. Comment, message, or tweet at us. Go to for more resources. Call the suicide lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Text "HELP" to 741-741. There is hope & you DO have so much value and worth!
This episode of Victims and Villains is written by Joshua “ Captain Nostalgia” Burkey. It is produced by Burkey. Music by Mallory Jameson ( and Purple Planet ( T Help us get mental health resources into schools and get exclusive content at the same time. Click here ( to support us today!

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