366 - Jazz Cabbage with the Philologist Rockmen


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Brian, Blake and Richard are back with another episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!
The guys talk about the Rockman and a meme that Richard made about a number of requests Wampler have been getting to make their take on it. Blake and Brian educate him a bit about the history of the Rockman, Tom Shultz, Boston, and the sounds it can make before reflecting on price gouging and rare fuzz.
Brian suffers from temporal goat non-remembrance and Blake has a new Tolkien inspired pedal that brings him much joy. The guys then realise Brian may not be up to date on his Tolkien when he crumbles under mild interrogation and Richard struggles to keep it together.
It's new amp day for Bri! Find out all about his new "dumble" inspired amp and why he had to buy it. He's also off to Summer Namm and the guys discuss the glittery outfit Amanda needs to make for Brian as he struts his stuff in the summer heat.
Brian wants to go to space, and predicts he will do one day, and the guys discuss flat earth theory, UFOs, and the myriad alien races that control the planet earth.
Dungeons & Dragons, Knob matching, Breaking into cars, the Brijazzle, Speeding Cameras, Brian's cunning disguise, Fuzzy Worms, Richard Branson, it’s all in this week's Chasing Tone!
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