378 - Can you shred with a pedal built into your guitar?


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Brian, Blake and Richard are back with an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!

Blakes been to Nashville and has eaten his entire bodyweight in biscuits and gravy and various animal products - he may have also bought some new toys. Brian has taken note of some new guitars with built in Chase Bliss effects and the guys chat about how it might work for them and Brian offers to become fully sponsored by Chase Bliss as long as he can wear his Wampler brand Boxer shorts.
Was Elvis Presley a Spy for Richard Nixon? At the peak of Beatlemania, it is alleged that Richard Nixon asked Elvis Presley to go and spy on John Lennon and report back on how the Beatles were destroying the youth culture of the innocent American children. The guys chat about this and why Elvis possibly wasn't the best choice of undercover spy...
How do you get started as a small band? And how do you make money? A lot of musicians have had to take side jobs to create a stable income on top of gig money and the guys talk about the challenges of playing and earning in 2021.
Brian's Romantic tales, The Original JHS, Social Media downtime conspiracy theories, Buzz Aldrin, Nerding out over Hard Drives, James Bond...it's all in this weeks Chasing Tone!

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