394 - What does KTR stand for? and are Gibson about to release NFTs???


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Brian, Blake, and Richard are back for an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!
This week we have big (ish) news for our Patreon members with an all new level for those who want more than just our undying love. You will get the undying love too, but also some extra special stuff!
The legal eagles at Gibson have allegedly been filing trademarks over historical body shapes and the guys speculate about what it's about. Richard is characteristically sceptical but becomes pacified when he thinks about simian beings. Brian has some interesting trademark related views so weighs in with his experience before deciding to rename an op amp chip. Blake is coming to Nashville! There will be pizza, oh yes, there will be lots of pizza.
Richard demonstrates a shocking lack of knowledge relating to the wild west and Brian and Blake are shocked, horrified, and feel the need to educate him...and the timing could not be better as he has just been sent a cowboy hat by his cousin in America which leads the guys to a new invention...and then Blake fesses up to some disturbing trucker related history.
Can you microwave tea? Maybe, Richard is not sure he hates the idea as much as Blake thinks he will, and Brian remains confused. A certain guitar player that divides opinion greatly has been talking about YouTube hypnotising its audience. The guys tread sensitively around the subject and conclude that he should just play guitar and not spout nonsense.
see the monkey video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWOoFtJX6Nk

Spider monkeys, the new Beats Studio earpods, Dopesick, CB radios, Lizard people, Slug based plectrums, Expensive hobbies...it's all in this week's Chasing Tone!
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