Where Did The Moon Come From?


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How does your body defeat viruses? Does it really rain diamonds on Uranus? All of these questions are answered this week on the Fun Kids Science Weekly. We look at the White Lipped Peccary in Dangerous Dan, and in Science the news we hear about updates in NASA's latest rocket launch and about a runaway manatee! We hear our final episode from our Techno Mum Sport series and are learning all about the most important thing we need to live... WATER! With Hallux's Hydration Helpdesk!

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1. Science in the news (00:01:53)

2. Feature 1: Techno Mum (00:03:37)

3. Questions (00:07:34)

4. AD BREAK (00:10:00)

5. INTERVIEW (00:10:02)

6. Dangerous Dan! (00:16:36)

7. Feature 2: Hallux (00:18:33)

8. Outro (00:21:38)

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