Your Brilliant Brain And a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!


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We want to hear YOUR Voices! Send in your science questions for Dan to answer at and find the Fun Kids Science Weekly where you can record your own questions to be played on the show!

In this weeks episode we find out how some coral has been able to regrow, some evil seagulls terrorising a town and the discovery of the biggest collection of bird fossils! Author and scientist Nicola Morgan tells us all about your brilliant brain and how we can take care of it, and we answer your science questions, this week its on your voice box. As always, Techno Mum and Professor Hallux join us, this week they chat sports complexes and whats going on inside your mouth!

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1. Science in the news (00:01:16)

2. Feature 1: Hallux (00:02:35)

3. Questions (00:06:29)

4. INTERVIEW (00:09:02)

5. Dangerous Dan! (00:18:44)

6. Feature 2: Techno Mum (00:20:15)

7. Outro (00:24:27)

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