Episode 133: Recruitment, Training & Mental Health: How to Embrace Immersive Learning Technology with Evan Wing | Interschutz 2022 Mini Series


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"Technology" and "change" do not need to be dirty words in the fire service...

Hello Smart Firefighting Community!

Welcome to another episode of covering real world innovations via interviews with fire service and technology industry experts that empower YOU to develop your very own Smart Firefighting strategy!

This is the eighth episode of our Interschutz 2022 Mini Series. Interschutz 2022 was an international trade show hosted over six days and included exhibitions plus engaging forums covering the various aspects of firefighting, rescue services, civil protection and safety and security.

In this episode:

- How can virtual reality (VR) improve recruitment and retention?

- How can VR be a tool that supports mental health?

- How does immersive learning offer additional sets and reps?

SFF learned how technology companies are getting creative from Evan Wing who has a background in banking and executive management, currently serves as a Lieutenant on the Middleton Fire District (WI) - the largest volunteer district in the state - and is the VP of Sales for the Western Hemisphere at FLAIM Systems.

FLAIM is an Australian based company that uses virtual reality (VR) to recreate low-frequency, high-risk scenarios to compliment live-fire training, while providing situational awareness training for Chief Level and Company Officers. Through their fully immersive VR learning solutions for training in hazardous and emergency situations, first responders can more easily learn how to fight fires in safe, realistic, dynamic virtual environments.

This episode of Smart Firefighting is brought to you by FLAIM Systems.

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