Episode 99: National Fallen Firefighter Foundation Supporting Past & Future Firefighters with Executive Director Chief Ron Siarnicki


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Hello Smart Firefighting Community!

Welcome to another episode of covering real world innovations via interviews with fire service and technology industry experts that empower YOU to develop your very own Smart Firefighting strategy!

Just how does National Fallen Firefighter Foundation (NFFF) help firefighters, their families and fire departments?

In this episode:

- What is the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation’s core mission?

- How to support and honor first responders

- What are trends for the best fireground operations tools?

- How to engage with and innovate for fire service members?

Let's learn from the man who took over as Executive Director of NFFF in 2001 Chief Ron Siarnicki! Chief Siarnicki's wealth of knowledge stems from being raised in a fire service family along with his over twenty years of experience in the service. As Executive Director, he manages the day to day operations of the Foundation and included managing the National Memorial Services, construction of the National Memorial Park and the renovation of the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel as part of his role. He additionally created the catalyst for the development of the Everyone Goes Home® Program designed to reduce the number of firefighter line-of-duty deaths that occur each year in the United States.

Chief Siarnicki delivers presentations at fire and emergency conferences and meetings across the country, increasing awareness of the Foundation, the efforts of its prevention work and support for the families of the fallen. In recognition of his outstanding leadership with the Foundation’s and the fire service as a whole, he has been recognized by various groups and organizations, including but not limited to: The Fire Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award; Alan Brunacini Fire Services Executive Safety Award from the International Association of Fire Chiefs; and Metropolitan Fire Chiefs’ Presidents Award of Distinction.

Episode Resources:

- NFFF's Connect Program

- NFFF's Vulnerability Program

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