#500: How to Move Forward from Adversity - Dee and Kris Robinson


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The adversities of 2020 caused suffering in multiple areas of life - both personal and professional. How can we move forward from those experiences to get back to a forward-moving, proactive life?

Dee and Kris Robinson were thrown not only into the pandemic, but also dealt with wildfires, riots that caused damage to their studio, racism, and more. In episode 500 of The Bokeh Podcast, Dee and Kris share with us how they dealt with both business and personal adversities, yet found opportunities to move forward and find positivity in times of struggle.

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Dee and Kris's Brand Position (9:28)

Creating a great customer experience (16:42)

Technique for time management (21:38)

Outsourcing/Delegation (27:11)

What are key principles in the process of communication in delegation and leadership in business? (30:56)

Book Recommendations (35:24)

Building a StoryBrand

You're a Badass at Making Money

Never Split the Difference

Real Artists Don't Starve

Adversities that Dee and Kris have faced in the past 18 months (42:45)

1. Wildfires in Northern California

2. Pandemic

3. Riots that caused damage to Dee and Kris's studio

4. Racism directed towards Dee and Kris and their business

5. Personal emotional struggles

What principles or ideas have helped Dee and Kris move forward from adversity?

1. Find and acknowledge the good in bad situations

2. Seek opportunities to help others

Kris's adventure into a new business (1:08:00)



Dee and Kris' first Bokeh Podcast episode - Episode 1



Feature video of a wildfire wedding Dee and Kris were shooting

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