Memphis Matricide? Who Killed Jennifer Jackson?


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When Noura Jackson was a child, her mother’s life revolved around her. Noura’s parents had divorced when she was just a baby and she rarely saw her father, so the mother-daughter relationship was strong. But then Noura became a teenager.
Most teenage girls argue with their mothers, but Noura and Jennifer’s situation was more extreme than most. Noura was distant and critical with her mother. She was drinking, using drugs, and failing academically. It seemed that the more Jennifer tried to control her daughter, the more she rebelled.
Join us at the quiet end for Memphis Matricide? Early in the morning of June 5, 2005, 18-year-old Noura called 911. Jennifer had been stabbed 50 times. A wicker basket had been placed over Jennifer’s head, leading the police to believe that Jennifer had known her killer. At a time in her life when most people are graduating from high school and enrolling in college, Noura went on trial for the brutal murder of her own mother. But the question remains: did Noura Jackson commit matricide or was someone else responsible for this viscous crime?

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