Widowed by Choice


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In the spring of 1995, 27-year-old Lynn Turner came into the hospital emergency room in Marietta, Georgia, to have a bump on her head looked at. When her husband Glenn heard where she was going, he came along. Glenn had been suffering from stomach pains with vomiting, severe headaches, nosebleeds, and dizziness for days. Lynn didn’t seem especially concerned about her husband, who she said had a stomach bug. When Glenn was seen by a doctor, he was diagnosed with dehydration and admitted for IV fluids. He was just 31-years old and was expected to perk up quickly. But, by the next afternoon, Glenn Turner was dead.
The county medical examiner concluded that Glenn had died of a cardiac arrythmia. Soon after his funeral, his wife Lynn collected about $200,000 in insurance proceeds and death benefits. Then she moved in with her lover, firefighter Randy Thompson. Six years later, Randy died after suffering from a flu-like illness. His death, too, was attributed to cardiac disease.
Join us at the quiet end for Widowed by Choice. After Randy Thompson’s death, family and friends became suspicious and spoke with police investigators. Lynn’s history of deception, infidelity, and greed led to further inquiries into both Glenn and Randy’s deaths, finally exposing Lynn Turner as a seductive and cold-blooded killer who put money above the lives of two men she was supposed to love.
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