A Great Light


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Israel once thought King Hezekiah was the answer to its hero problem. He was a descendant of King David, and he was a profoundly good king where his contemporaries failed. Where others - such as King Ahaz, had chosen badly, Hezekiah chose wisely, and seemed to be the prophesied child God's people had been waiting for. Yet, near the end of his reign, Hezekiah began to boast in his achievements, and all he had accomplished was eventually lost to Babylon. Hezekiah was not the promised child nor the hero of humanity. Jesus is. Jesus is the one who is truly profoundly wise, the one who secures wholeness and peace (shalom), who is the mighty God, and the ever-caring eternal Father in flesh. However, when he came, Jesus' people turned against him because he was not the hero they wanted. Israel wanted someone who would take down Rome, but Jesus came to rescue Israel from an even greater enemy: themselves, under the wrath of God for sin. Israel didn’t want to hear that the needed rescuing,...

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