City on a Hill


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The world tells us we can believe whatever we want so long as we keep it to ourselves. Yet, Jesus says we are to be the salt and light of the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. We are designed for impact, and we are not powerless in the world we live in. If we are to follow Jesus, we are to be salt and light. Like salt, we are to draw good out of the world, cause people to thirst for righteousness and more of Jesus, and slow the decay of a dying world. Like light, we are to be a beacon of hope in a dark and hopeless world, guiding the lost and attracting them to the safety and security found in Jesus Christ. Let us stand out and stand in. We are Christ's representatives in the world, and so we are to stand out in the world and stand in the word of God. What should make us different is Jesus, and our lives being transformed by his Spirit. Let us be the salt and light in the world, pointing to Jesus in all that we do.

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