Crossing the Red Sea


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When the Israelites saw the Egyptians coming, they reframed the past and rebuked Moses for bringing them out to die. In rebuking Moses, God’s representative, they also rebuke God. Though free, they still lived as slaves and couldn't see what they were saved from. When we set our lives on anything but God, we remain slaves. And there is judgment for sin that must be paid. The same waters of chaos which swallowed up the armies of Egypt, were parted so that God’s people could pass through. The Exodus primarily points to the sovereign power of redemption and salvation found in Jesus. At the cross, Jesus swallowed up death and the judgement for sin, making a way for those who believe in him to no longer be slaves to sin but live free as children of God. Yet salvation is not only a work of justification, but also sanctification. In Jesus, we are justified and declared right before God. Sanctification speaks of the ongoing process for God to redeem our heart. We have been set free from Egy...

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