Enjoying God Today


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We live in a fathered world where every good thing comes from our Good Father in heaven. We can enjoy God in the little things, the deep things, and the best thing (Jesus Christ). We enjoy God through our work when we work for him and through strength he provides. God gave us responsibility over the world to bring out the good potential within it. Yet, we should not only keep ourselves busy as culture demand of us, but also enjoy God through rest. God himself rested from his work on the seventh day. We need to guard our rest. God invites us to enjoy all the good things he has made for us, for example, relationships with one another. God himself is a relational being: the three persons having related to each other in perfect love and unity forever. The world is the overflow of God’s relational instinct. We enjoy God through our relationship with Him, and with each other. There are few things worse than a broken relationship. The greatest chasm between the greatest relationship is s...

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