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Wisdom without worship is worthless, and kings rise and fall when they lose sight of the wisdom of God, take pride in themselves, and seek to build Eden on Earth through money, sex, and power. Solomon, made king at the age of 12 with the death of his father David, was offered anything by God, and he chose to ask for wisdom. This led him to become renowned as the wisest man in all the world, who wrote elaborate proverbs and was the first to build God’s temple. Yet, he rapidly fell into pride and riches. He became known for accumulating multitudes of horses and chariots, hoarding excesses of gold, and taking many foreign women as concubines and wives. All of this in direct contradiction to God’s command regarding the prerequisites for a king.Like a ship adrift at sea, the compass needs only be off by a few degrees. To reverse engineer our life and live with the end in mind is the key lesson from the wise fool to never forget. Let us pursue our first love, beware of our subtle sins and...

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