Moses and Jethro


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Exodus 18 speaks of a reunion, redemption, and a revelation. Like Jethro, we were not part of God’s people, but now we are brought to reunion with him, through redemption found in the one who prays and intercedes on our behalf to God. For Jethro that was Moses, but for us it is the greater Moses: Jesus Christ the Son of God. The revelation in the dialogue between Jethro and Moses is that pastors ought to not carry the burden of ministry and care alone, lest they burn out. In fact, 70% of pastors consider leaving the ministry due to burn out and 50% do after 5 years. Let’s pray for our pastors, look to Jesus more than any servant of his, help our pastors by caring for one another and dealing with smaller matters amongst ourselves. As Jethro suggested to Moses, and Moses was all the better because of it.

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