The Golden Calf


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Where does your mind go when it’s free? Whose approval do you seek most of all? What are you pursuing that you believe will make you complete? What are you most fearful of losing? Who or what do you look to when things get tough? What are you making the most sacrifices for? Who or what do you see as the answer to the world’s biggest problem?Many times we fail to give God the glory and honour he deserves. Let the story of the golden calf be a warning for our own lives. The Israelites projected their own image and desires onto a mute god they created so they won’t have any accountability, a god that let them play games of sexual immorality. They lost sight of God, yet God never lost sight of them. Even when it feels like God is high on the mountain away from us, persevere and pray. Do not take the easy route and create a god. Do not forget to pray, for the little things and the big things. Do not lose sight of God. Remember his fearsome holiness, then lean into his arms of grace. What...

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