The Tabernacle Instituted


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True worship is about approaching God on his terms. Anything apart from that is false religion. The institution of the tabernacle is a microcosm of creation, and of God’s will regarding offerings. The willing of heart (God’s people) bring the resources and the wise of heart (builders) make it happen. God wants us to use our gifts to bring beauty in chaos. You don’t have to be the best but do your best with what you have for God. It wasn’t the sheer glory of the tabernacle, or the skill of the workers, that was worth the presence of God, but rather the presence of God chose to dwell there. Now he chooses to dwell in our hearts by his Holy Spirit. Let us live as his priests and workers, using our skills to the building of the church and the advancement of the kingdom in the world. Jesus was the ultimate sacrificial offering to God, revelation of his character, and fullness of his glory. Let us truly worship him in Spirit and in truth.

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