Wide World of Wargaming Age of Sigmar Episode 75 - In the start of your PHASE


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On this week's program: We wrap things up at the Wide World of Wargaming while we reminice on some of our favorite episodes and moments while a part of all of this! Thank you so much to all of our listeners as we transition to a little bit of rebranding as we guide you to our new content as a part of IN YOUR PHASE MEDIA.

In Your Phase will be a media platform with our consistent podcast/videocast but we will also continue to give you the content you enjoy not only for AoS but the occasional 40k content as us hosts are all a bunch of 40k Has-beens who are getting into the game again at the start of 9th. As we get things together our first episode will release the 2nd week of August while we charge our lasers. In the meantime check us on social media for now like our Twitter and Facebook

See you soon everyone!

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