Episode 40 - Lessons from 2020


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In this episode of the Vance Pitman Leadership Podcast, Vance and Scott take a trip down memory lane to revisit some lessons from one of the hardest years in modern history and how we can apply those in whatever way God has given us leadership! Buckle up and dive into these 10 lessons!

  1. Change is not an option but the way we respond to it is.
  2. If we don’t leverage technology, we will be left behind
  3. Technology is a powerful servant but a dangerous master
  4. Game changing circumstances create game defining moments for people to shine
  5. The mission doesn’t stop in moments of crisis
  6. You’re communicating whether you know it or not…so do it often and do it well.
  7. Encouragement really is encouraging
  8. A simple “Thank you” goes a long way
  9. When the house is on fire priorities become very clear
  10. Every obstacle is an opportunity
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