EP 138 Chasing AWE with Gavin Hardcastle | The DEFINITIVE Story


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The Irish Photography Podcast / Vidcast

On the show this week I am joined by Gavin Hardcastle AKA Fototripper to find out what he has been up to for the last year and of course to discuss how he put his AWEsome book together , the ups the downs and the downright ridiculous.

We discover a new invention Skitvertising, how good Canada Post is as well as some great laughs along the way Gavin has very kindly offered ( coerced) to give a signed & dedicated copy of his book to one lucky viewer/ listener, just comment on the youtube version after you hear how to enter during the episode and we will pick the winner at random 1 week after go live For more info on Gavin visit www.fotottipper.com #fototripper #gavinhardcastle #theirishphotographypodcast

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