2021 NFL Preview: NFC East, NFC North, NFC South, NFC West


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Jack welcomes back CJ Revis for part two of our two-part 2021 NFL season preview, this time covering all things NFC, and revealing their Super Bowl and MVP picks. If you missed part one covering the entire AFC, check it out here. Together, CJ and Jack take a look at each NFC division and each NFC team's over/under win totals according to ESPN. CJ and Jack estimate how many wins each team will have this year. Who do they have winning the NFC East, NFC North, NFC South, and NFC West? Which three teams will snag the NFC's wild card spots? Jack and CJ make the case for their playoff teams. CJ has a LOT of thoughts on the Chicago Bears as an organization and their latest quarterback controversy. They also break down the varying degrees of trade demands/drama from Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and DeShaun Watson, and how each of their teams will perform this season. Featuring in-depth analysis of all 16 NFC teams and all four NFC divisions. NFC East (0:00 - 21:45) NFC North (21:45 - 52:40) NFC South (52:40 - 59:00) NFC West (59:00 - END) Follow Jack (@JackVitaShow) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and play in our College Football + NFL Pick'em Pool at jackvita.com and win prizes! Hurry! Pool closes Thursday, September 9! More info at jackvita.com.

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