The Challenge’s Dario Medrano Talks Baseball, College Football Playoff Expansion, and Reality TV


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Dario Medrano, formerly a contestant on MTV's The Challenge and Are You The One? and a former Division I college baseball player, visits the Jack Vita Show to talk college baseball, MLB news, pitchers using foreign substances for spin rate and MLB's attempt to crack down on it, the College Football Playoff's proposed expansion and its implications, and Dario's time on The Challenge. Dario and Jack take a look at the weekend's scores and standings and discuss where each team stands in the middle of June. Headlines: The Cubs SWEEP the Cardinals at Wrigley, White Sox and Rays sweep their weekend series' and now face off in a battle of the AL's best, the Yankees and Braves continue to struggle, and three surprise teams that are making Jack rethink his MLB preseason predictions.

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