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***If you are experiencing mental distress, reach out to a mental health professional. This information is for people who are feeling resourced.***

Everybody's least favorite topic but super important, because unless you're one of the robot overlords, you've dealt with your share of them.

We think yelling at someone is the same as anger, nope. We think ignoring feelings makes them go away, nope. We think if other people would just change we wouldn't have to feel our feelings, nope.

This pod explores what feelings really are and how to actually deal with them for a change.

Are you ready to change your life?

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***I am not a therapist! Please don't mistake any of this for medical advice or treatment of a mental illness. All content is just ideas to explore and hopefully make your life better. You are the boss of your life!! If you are having a tough time, reach out and find a good therapist.

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