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“It’s not that I’m without fear, I just don’t stick around in feelings of fear,” says Amanda Chen, Podcaster, Coach, Entrepreneur, and guest on this week’s episode of Desperately Seeking Self. Amanda chats with host Brooke Collins about how she empowers her clients as a coach, what she has learned about delegation as the owner of a growing cocktail kit and artisan salt business, and her view on the next step in the women’s empowerment movement: actually talking to men.

Amanda offers a unique perspective on many elements of the female experience, and the experiences of women of color. She preaches valuing the work, not the output, and striving to see yourself as “bigger” than you think you are. She also brings a unique perspective to the idea of women’s empowerment; she talks about her new ongoing podcast series, in which she anonymously interviews 100 men on their ideas about masculinity, sexuality, and the women in their life.

Amanda reminds us that showing up is most of the battle -- and that anything is possible for female entrepreneurs, especially in the world of e-commerce.


“It’s not that I’m without fear, I just don’t stick around in feelings of fear.”

“I believe that you are bigger than what you’re telling me you are”


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