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If you ask Jennifer Merian her secret to a happy life, she would tell you: “Gratitude and ingratitude don’t live in the same house.” On this episode of Desperately Seeking Self, host Brooke Collins talks with her friend and mentor about the people who finally taught her how to love herself -- and how, in the wake of an abusive marriage, she found the strength to look inside and demand more for her life.

Jennifer and Brooke met in a 12-step program, and both found new lives in sobriety. But despite her success in the program, Jennifer felt for years like she was living a double life. She came home every night to an emotionally abusive husband who threatened and controlled her. Jennifer shares the myriad ways that other people taught her she was deserving of love, like the day fourteen women waited around the corner with a moving van to help her safely leave her abusive husband’s home.

Jennifer’s message to listeners? “Do the work to love yourself. To care about yourself. To learn who you are and what you want.” Tune in this week for an incredible journey from shame and self-doubt to gratitude and healing -- all through the power of community and female friendship.


  • “My biggest message for anyone who does get out: do the work to love yourself, to care about yourself, to learn who you are and what you want.” (25:23-25:37)
  • “Gratitude and ingratitude don’t live in the same house” (30:25-30:27)
  • “One of these days they are gonna ask me for something. And you know what they asked me for? They asked me to love myself.” (36:53-36:58)


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