You Should Start Your Company In Atlanta | A convo with David Cummings of the Atlanta Tech Village, one of the country's largest innovation hubs


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On today’s episode I catch up with David Cummings, an entrepreneur on a mission to put Atlanta on the map when it comes to tech and venture capital. He also happens to be an old friend of mine.

David and I met during our undergraduate days at Duke where we were two of only a few entrepreneurs on campus. My endeavors fizzled out while David’s became massively successful. He sold one of them - Pardot - to Salesforce for $95m and another - Hannon Hill - is still active and continuing to scale.

David’s current focus and passion is the Atlanta Tech Village, an innovation hub he’s created in a building located in the heart of Atlanta. As he puts it, by creating an ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs he’s “engineering serendipity” with the goal to make sure Atlanta is reaching its full entrepreneurial potential. Out of it has come many successful companies, including Calendy of which David is an investor/board member.

During our chat David breaks down how the Atlanta Tech Village operates, the VC fund he invests out of, and why companies should HEAVILY consider getting their start in Atlanta.

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