Week 2 Preview with Finsfans Podcast Co Host Mike & Louis


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This week on the Nerd, we talk to Louis Ragone and Michael Fink, hosts of The Finfans Podcast.

This week, our featured charity is the American Cancer Society, an organization to free the world from cancer. They fund and conduct research, share expert information, support patients, and spread the word about prevention.

We talk about the recent New England vs. Dolphins and Bills vs. Steelers matches and the upcoming Bills vs. Dolphins match, including what they believe the Dolphins would need to do to win this game against the Bills.

They gave their thoughts on Waddle's play and the Dolphin’s red zone defense. They go into Tua Tagovailoa's performance and throwing preferences, as well as whether they believe the playbook has opened up more.

We go into their predictions for the Bills vs. Dolphins match, whom they believe is the best team in the AFC, and dive deep on the Browns and their run game.


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American Cancer Society: https://www.cancer.org/

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