MIFV MAX #13: Godzilla Day Livestream (Abridged) | Ft. Michael Hamilton


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After a full day of celebrating the King of the Monsters’ 68th birthday, Nathan is joined by his Power Trip co-host, Michael Hamilton, in an out-of-character livestream. They discuss Fathom Events’ screening of Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, the two Gigan short films that were posted on YouTube (for five minutes), and the myriad of Godzilla-related news that broke Nov. 3, 2022. They spend most of that time speculating about the new Godzilla film directed by the acclaimed Takashi Yamazaki that was officially announced. What do they expect, and what would they like to see, as fans?

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  • Prologue: 0:00-2:22
  • Intro: 2:22-15:14
  • Main Discussion: 15:14-1:20:41
  • Housekeeping & Outro: 1:20:41-1:32:24
  • Epilogue: 1:32:24-end

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