Bonus Episode: Trade Republic becomes Germany’s most valuable Startup with 5.3 bn US$ valuation


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“It’s our ambition to be present across the entire Eurozone in the next four months,” Christian Hecker according to TechCrunch

Welcome to This Month in German Startups - A bonus episode since we have a new king in town. Trade Republic just became Germany’s most valuable startup with a 900 mn USD funding round backed by investors like Sequoia.

Chris joins Joe for this episode.

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Start in 2015 - at comdirect Startup Garage

The story of Trade Republic starts with the comdirect startup garage. comdirect is Commerzbank’s online broker, founded during the late 1990s. Commerzbank again is Germany’s 2nd largest listed bank.

So, the founding team Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke, and Marco Cancellieri started out with the idea of a German RobinHood Trading app (What is today called a neobroker). The Garage helped at the start in 2015 but did back out at funding the startup. The team did not receive funding from comdirect Garage, because one million Euros was too much to invest in a company at a seed stage

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