Entrepreneur Tools #6 – How to Start Thinking About Your Corporate Culture


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When it comes to corporate culture, Michelle Tsing knows a thing or two. As an early employee of PayPal and founder of Robotics for Good, she's seen firsthand how corporate culture can make or break a company. And as a mentor at Berkley Blockchain Accelerator, and advisor to multiple startups she's helping startups navigate the often-tricky waters of the corporate culture.

So what's her advice for those looking to build a strong corporate culture? First and foremost, she says, it's important to align corporate culture with corporate strategy. "If your culture is not aligned with your strategy, it will be very difficult to execute on that strategy," she explains. "For example, if you're trying to build a company that's all about innovation and creativity, but your corporate culture is very hierarchical and stifling, it's going to be very hard to actually be innovative and creative."

It's also important to remember that corporate culture is not static; it will evolve over time as the company grows and changes. "Your corporate culture will evolve organically, but you also need to be intentional about it," Tsing says. "You need to be constantly asking yourself: What kind of company do we want to be? What kind of people do we want to attract? How do we want our employees to interact with each other?"

Finally, Tsing emphasizes the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to corporate culture. "There's no one right way to do things," she says. "What works for one company might not work for another. The key is to experiment and figure out what works best for your company." With that in mind, Silicon Valley startups would do well to heed Tsing's advice as they strive to build the next great corporate culture.

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