074. Ma'am, this is Problematic: The Secular Scripture pt 2 with Dr. Angela Toscano


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Dr. Angela Toscano returns to continue our discussion of The Secular Scripture by Northrop Frye and how it's an urtext for understanding the romance genre. You'll definitely want to go listen to part 1, which is episode 73, before listening to this one

In part 2, we'll be discussing how identity must evolve in romance, the possibility inherent to the romance, and how we can have more critical conversations about problematic things in romance without demanding its eradication - because let's be honest, everything is problematic.

Show Notes:

Listen to part 1: 073. Structuring Romance: The Secular Scripture pt 1 with Dr. Angela Toscano

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Guest: Dr. Angela Toscano

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Books Discussed:

The Secular Scripture by Northrop Frye

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