075. Jennifer Crusie: Nothing But Good Times Ahead


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Jennifer Crusie drops in to talk about Dove Bars, dogs, normative ideals of white middle class baby boomer womanhood, divorce, unconditional love, RWA, and all the good times ahead we've been wondering about.

Show Notes:

Shelf Love:

Guest: Jennifer Crusie

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Shelf Love Episodes mentioned:

  • Episode 002: the episode about Crusie's Oeuvre that started it all
  • Episode 068: Happily Ever Existential Dread: how the desire for HEA is all about a future we don't have to imagine
  • Episode 047: Shelf Lovely Jess drops in to talk about how I used Crusie to lure her into my new podcast and she never left (also we talk about Rose Lerner's books and Sunfire romance)

Crusie Recommends:

  • Sarina Bowen - The Year We Fell Down
  • Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
  • The Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells
  • Contemporary romance by Mhairi McFarlane
  • Rivers of London Series by Ben Aaronovitch

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