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Episode 21 of Shinerunner Craft Marketing introduces the show’s first executive speaker interviewed by host, Mark Colburn. Mark “taps” into his focus group moderator days asking Tom McCormick, Executive Director with the California Craft Brewers Association since 2005, a broad range of questions. Mr. McCormick’s background includes home brewing, owning a craft beer distribution company and his current role as the Executive Director for one of the Nation’s largest craft beer associations based in Sacramento, California. Tom’s team lobbies heavily on behalf of California craft brewers and was kind enough to take an hour to chat on the Shinerunner Show.

This interesting episode covers a wide range of industry topics from beer style trends and how to deal with market share growth by the spirits and wine industry to cannabis infusion trends and industry consolidation. Mr. McCormick’s suggestions, insight and predications will certainly benefit the craft brewer, craft spirits distiller, cider maker, hard kombucha brewer, home brewer and beverage professionals. Further, Tom takes it to another gear by revealing what he sees in his “crystal keg” three years from now.

Crack open a cold one and listen to this craft luminary and his insightful industry observations. You won’t be disappointed.

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