Episode 197 ShopTalk Featuring Chopper Charlie Weisel


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Welcome to ShopTalk, America's first and favorite weekly motorcycle talk show. Thanks to our good friends at Dennis Kirk we come to your headspace every Sunday night at 9 PM EST with a little bit of news, some cool products, and some great people from the industry. In tonights Episode of ShopTalk we're gonna blow your mind. Chopper Charlie is checking in from Slovenia where he is in a campground for a break on his epic trip around the world on a long chopper. We are gonna find out the good the bad and the ugly. We have a tech tip on putting together CT Newman's Exhaust Fixture for building a custom exhaust with Josh Boggs of Steel City Blacksmithing. We have an event report from the Dennis Kirk Garage Build Bike Show in Daytona. As usual, all the bullshit we can fit in 90 to 120 minutes of ShopTalk.

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