Swanky Tunes - SHOWLAND #401


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Russian hottest electronic dance music duo Swanky Tunes delivers you a weekly radio show. Thrilling 60 minutes of their biggest tracks and hottest bootlegs are waiting for you. From Russia with love! Swanky Tunes - SHOWLAND 401 01. Ferreck Dawn - Aphrodisiac (Extended Mix) 02. Tita Lau - What Is Real (Extended Mix) 03. Kungs - Clap Your Hands (Öwnboss, Selva Remix) 04. Don Diablo x Dominica - Gotta Let U Go (Extended Mix) 05. Alesso & Sentinel - Only You (Extended Mix) 06. Matt Nash - Into The Light 07. Mella Dee feat. Infinite Coles - Love It Or Not (Vintage Culture Remix) 08. Piero Pirupa - We Don’t Need (Extended Mix) 09. Redondo, Rockefeller & BIM - High On Emotion (12 Inch Mix) 10. Flume feat. MAY-A - Say Nothing (Tchami Remix) 11. NEVERGLOW - The Rhythm (Extended) 12. SIDEPIECE - Don't Keep Me Waiting (Extended Mix) 13. BURNR - Shake It In The Mirror (Extended Mix) 14. Diplo & Miguel - Don't Forget My Love (Burns Extended Remix) 15. Joel Corry x David Guetta x Bryson Tiller - What Would You Do (Extended Mix) 16. Eli & Fur - My Shadow (Extended Mix)

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