Glimpses of Glory (Part 1) - Carl Gallups


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Have you ever imagine what it would’ve been like to be present at the BIRTH OF JESUS? What it would have been like TO STAND in the crowd of his BAPTISM? Maybe you’ve wondered what it would’ve sounded like TO HEAR the Roman soldiers HAMMERING the nails into the CROSS on that fateful day at CALVARY? Today’s guest brings these scenes and more to life in a way that you’ve never experienced before! “The Glimpses of Glory Giveaway” In this incredibly unique book “Glimpses of Glory” from longtime pastor, media personality, and internationally acclaimed bestselling author Carl Gallups― God’s love for you will come alive as you walk directly into the Garden of Eden - where Adam and Eve encountered the great tempter! You'll be placed inside the ark, experiencing the horror of Noah's family as they heard the agonized cries of their neighbors, struggling in vain to survive the deluge. And the anguish of our Savior will explode into intense reality as you witness His struggle with human emotion on the night He was betrayed. But that's just the beginning! In “Glimpses of Glory” you will: • Accompany Joseph and Mary on the arduous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem's "manger"... and beyond! • Be present at the working of Jesus' miracles, His baptism, and labor during the wilderness temptation! • Stand in shock at the foot of the cross, linger at the death bed of John the disciple, and witness his entrance into final glory!… AND SO MUCH MORE! So, take a personal journey with the savior from Genesis to Revelation and unmask the evil spirits that oppose our faith! “The Glimpses of Glory Giveaway”, available now at, order now or call 1-844-750-4985!

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