Sleep Apnea Pathfinders


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Bringing awareness and information on sleep apnea so people can see the pathways to connect the dots with different signs and symptoms when it isn’t always clear. Sharing from his experiences from 15 years of being diagnosed with sleep apnea, David’s passion for research and talking to other patients comes through in this podcast. This podcast will cover a multitude of dimensions: discussing health conditions which show a high correlation; guests to share their experiences; and experts from various fields who will discuss the impact on sleep apnea and our overall health. Join us on Sleep Apnea Pathways weekly as we unpack these important dimensions in an effort to understand this sleep disorder more. We invite you to comment, give feedback and share in our collaborative effort. Our number one goal for the podcast is to spread the message that there is hope for those with sleep apnea and those that love and support them.

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