Part 2 of Interview with Dr. Gretchen Kubacky-Health Psychologist on Sleep Apnea and PCOS


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In Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Kubacky, we discuss how fatigue is a hallmark of PCOS and how a host of other health issues are associated such as diabetes, high cholesterol, infertility, and hypothyroidism.
We discuss how women tend to be diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and how some sleep physicians will recommend weight loss in place of using other interventions such as a CPAP. The path for women to be diagnosed is often difficult based on how they sometime report fatigue, according to information by the organization Women's Health Research.
This led into how women's health concerns are overlooked because their presenting symptoms don't fit the typical medical perspective taught in medical schools. For instance, a typical viewpoint is that obese men have sleep apnea. We know that slim women also have sleep apnea. The health inequities women face is discussed in this episode as well as those faced by minorities.
Dr. Kubacky provides wonderful resources for people experiencing PCOS.
Her mental health website is:
Her PCOS website:
Martha McKittrick:
Society for Women's Health Research

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