442. A 2021 Books Preview with Erin Galloway from Berkley


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Erin Galloway and I are talking about some of the books that are coming out this year from Berkley. We’ve got competency p0rn romances, bodyguards protecting brilliant women, and hilarious mysteries - plus we take a side trip into illustrated cover art and how the appearance of romance changes. We apologize in advance for the damage to your TBR! ... Don't miss our new podcast after party with Amanda and me! Download the Stereo App at http://www.Stereo.com/SmartBitches! Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET, live via Very Cool Avatars, Amanda and I will be hanging out with you. We hope you'll tune in to add your voice to our goofy conversation. We promise silliness, mayhem, and a lot of laughter! ... Shownotes, links to books discussed, and more: https://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/podcast/442-a-2021-books-preview-with-erin-galloway-from-berkley Music: purple-planet.com

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