444. The Wife in the Attic: All Things Gothic and More with Rose Lerner


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Rose Lerner has a new Audible exclusive audiobook out this week, The Wife in the Attic. It’s a f/f retelling of Jane Eyre (I just heard a whole bunch of you one-click to buy) and fear not, the ebook will be released later this year. In this episode, Rose and I chat about the differences between Gothic and historical romances, and why (and when) Gothics surge in popularity. We also talk about the subgenre I’m calling “Earl Had to Die,” and about Rose’s adoration of the Raffles books. Plus, stay tuned for a sample of The Wife in the Attic! ... Podcast After Party! Tune in Tuesdays at 730pm ET on Stereo! Live broadcasts and you can record messages for us to play during the show! Download Stereo now at stereo.com/smartbitches! ... Music: purple-planet.com ... The show notes appreciate you and think you're doing just great: https://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/podcast/444-the-wife-in-the-attic-all-things-gothic-and-more-with-rose-lerner

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