446. Fantasy and Sci Fi in 2021 With Caroline Perny from Tor


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Caroline Perny, Publicity Manager at Tor, joins us to talk about what books are coming out in 2021. We recorded in mid-November, so we start by talking about carbs, which is a perennial subject, and about genre descriptors, which are perennial as well. But the books? OH we have a LOT to tell you about. If you like sci fi, fantasy, speculative, We talk about books from 2020 that you might have missed, and what’s coming out this year, so get ready. Which books are you looking forward to? And what virtual events did you enjoy in the past year? I’d love to know! ... Podcast After Party! Tune in Tuesdays at 730pm ET on Stereo! Live broadcasts and you can record messages for us to play during the show! Download Stereo now at stereo.com/smartbitches! ... Music: purple-planet.com SHOWNOTES think you look FABULOUS today: https://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/podcast/446-fantasy-and-sci-fi-in-2021-with-caroline-perny-from-tor

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