65. Liam's heartbreaking health battle and more disturbing details emerge about Jason's vile HOMOPHOBIC video!


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Last week, I leaked a disturbing video of Married at First Sight star Jason Engler going on a vile HOMOPHOBIC and FAT-PHOBIC rant about another groom Liam Cooper (you can view it here), as well as a RACIST slur towards his wife Alana Lister! This episode, I am going to go uncover even more shocking details surrounding this f***ked up incident… Because, unfortunately, it gets even worse than the actual disgusting footage we all saw! There is A LOT MORE to this story than meets the eye!

PLUS, the REAL reason Jason dumped Alana via TEXT! And what he said to her in that vile video that WASN'T aired on social media and how she responded to his racist slur about her!

PLUS, how all of the other cast members reacted to the video, including the CRUEL thing Bryce Ruthven did to Liam after it came out!

PLUS, what happens at the reunion when Liam brings it up to the other contestants, including Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight's disappointing behaviour and the surprising way PRODUCERS reacted to the footage!

PLUS, Liam’s heartbreaking HEALTH BATTLE that is sadly, also connected to this incident!

CONTENT NOTE: I drop F-bombs like a terrorist in this episode! I usually try to refrain from swearing, but I’m angry... So this is an R-rated episode - do not listen in front of small children, please! Apologies in advance...


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