Episode 11: RURAL FUTURISM - with Beatrice Ferrara & Leandro Pisano


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The Liminaria festival ran for five editions between 2014 and 2018, culminating with a collateral event in Palermo as part of Manifesta 12. Based in the rural micro-region of Fortore, the frontier between Campania, Molise, and Puglia, Liminaria offered residencies and public presentations in which visiting artists worked with local residents to apply sound art methodologies to the unique geographies of this territory. Curators Beatrice Ferrara and Leandro Pisano take this period to reflect upon the successes and challenges of working in the rural south of Italy with virtually no budget, the important solidarities between the south of Italy and the Global South, and their recently published "Manifesto of Rural Futurism."

This episode features a selection of sound art and musical compositions which resulted from the five editions of Liminaria. I visited the Fortore region which Leandro Pisano in 2017, during Philip Samartzis' residency in San Marco dei Cavoti. Included in the episode are field-recordings I made in San Marco, Baselice, and in transit.

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