Episode 2: DANCING ON THE HYPHEN - with Phillip Johnston


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Sound Propositions the podcast has the same mission statement as the written Sound Propositions features: to share in depth discussions with artists whose work we love, to delve into the details of their creative practice.

This episode features saxophonist and composer Phillip Johnston, known for his work with genre-bending jazz ensemble The Microscopic Septet, the Beefheart tribute Fast 'N Bulbous, and as the composer of silent film scores. Johnston moved to Australia over a decade ago, but NYC still feels like his home turf. We were both back in town last November for Thanksgiving, and we met to discuss memory, music, media, the (not-so-silent) history of silent film, and his long-association with the various music scenes of NYC.

Special thanks to Phillip, Joyce, Steve, and Smalls.

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