Episode 9: WHO CARES IF YOU DEEP LISTEN? - with Longform Editions


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Andrew Khedoori of the Preservation label talks about his latest series, Longform Editions, featuring compositions designed to encourage deep listening. Very much organized against the prevailing streaming ecosystem which encourages short tracks and distracted listening, Longform Editions has released 32 works and counting. The interview is set entirely against selection from the series, often playing out for much longer than I usually would give a single track. The final selection is the sole exception, a meditative piece from Deep Magic released on Preservation.

Longform Editions isn't necessarily interested in being overly prescriptive, dictating how we should or should not listen. Khedoori never makes a moral argument that things should be one way or another. But for those who feel increasingly overwhelmed and are looking for an escape, subscribe to the Longform series for your regular dose of music that encourages deep listening.

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