On Screen 4: Frasier (w/ David Trumble)


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Our most frequent Guest, Netflix Animation Story Supervisor, David Trumble, returns to Spocklight once again, this time to discuss everyone’s favourite Radio Psychiatrist, Frasier, specifically Season 11, Episode 3 - The Doctor is Out, guest starring Sir Patrick Stewart.

David opens up as to how he and his own Brother, related to the Frasier/Niles sibling rivalry growing up and what happened when he met Niles himself, David Hyde Pierce, as well as joining us to analyse the episode in-depth and how well it's aged in the two decades since it originally aired.

We also chat the abundance of Star Trek connections in the show in general thanks to Trek and Frasier both being filmed on the Paramount lot and run through our favourite moments from the classic Sitcom.

In the words of Dr. Frasier Crane: "I'm Listening..." and we suggest you do the same.

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David can be found at @Drumble on Twitter

You can find Natalie Parks excellent retrospective analysis of the episode here: https://25yearslatersite.com/2021/01/12/the-doctor-is-out-and-frasier-cranes-date-with-jean-luc-picard/?fbclid=IwAR0OSOOD2YRMIWwOJPmOrR_k7mf1g-pvQl1rWgpBEixdOuX9qMfju8vrSSo

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